Learning on the go with HandMoto!

Education made fun for kids, easy for parents!  

HandMoto was designed with ease of use in mind. No cords, no batteries, and mess free learning!

Find the perfect Moto for any child’s on the go entertainment.     

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Firsthand HandMoto Magic

Watch how HandMoto inspires learning with its innovative and adaptable design!

Learning, the HandMoto Way

Choose Your Adventure

Select from HandMoto’s spelling, coloring, math, and puzzles activity sheets. 

Set the Scene

Snap the desired activity sheet into the HandMoto board. 

Play, Learn, Repeat

With the included dry-erase markers and felt pad children can color, answer questions, practice spelling, and more!

Clean Slate

Simply wipe the HandMoto board clean, insert a new activity sheet, and continue playing!

HandMoto is the perfect learning tool to help develop your child's motor skills while making the process enjoyable, easy, and effective.


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We showcase early education wonders, success stories, parenting tips, and the latest from HandMoto. Our goal? To provide the tools and insights that turn learning into an exciting journey for your child. Join us in driving the Moto-mentum of learning with each blog post. Welcome to the HandMoto learning community!

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Select a HandMoto Subject

Each HandMoto product includes the game-changing HandMoto Board, four dry-erase markers, one eraser, and one 10-page content packet of either: Spelling, Puzzles, Math, or Coloring.


Boosts spelling skills and literacy understanding



Encourages perseverance through challenging puzzle activities



Enhances mathematical skills in a fun and engaging way



Offers endless coloring possibilities with reusable templates