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We are HandMoto

How it works

Turn off the tech, turn
on the imagination
Dive into hands-on
learning and fun
Foster consistent
growth and enjoyment
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Reusable activity sheets
Our toys come with replaceable task sheets, fostering continuous learning and creativity without the need for electronic screens.
Analog device
Embracing analog devices, our toys offer a hands-on approach to learning, promoting cognitive development and imagination in children.
Preserved vision in children
By prioritizing toys without electronic screens, we aim
to safeguard children's vision, encouraging healthy visual development and reducing screen-related eye strain.
Motor skills/learning
Designed to enhance motor skills and learning, our toys offer tactile experiences and physical activities that support children's physical and cognitive development, without reliance on electronic gadgets.
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Resilience and

Getting accustomed to delayed outcomes,

which has a positive impact on child development

In the era of smartphones, tablets and other technology, it is very
difficult to find something that is really useful for a child to make
their childhood rich. I came across HandMoto and it was the best
thing I've ever seen. My children not only started to develop rapidly
and overtake their peers in development, but also started
to be outside more often and enjoy their days, as gadgets are
no longer as interesting to them as they once were.
Thanks to the HandMoto team.
Bought the Puzzle and Spelling. Great quality and my kids love them.
I like that it gets kids off electronics. Using hand, eye coordination motor skills. Will definitely recommend for friends and family.
Bought two for a road trip and the backseat of a car has never been quieter! Wonderful product!!
The Puzzle Themed Dry Erase White Board for Kids is a fantastic tool for making learning fun and fostering problem-solving skills. The puzzle pack design adds an engaging element to the learning process, keeping kids entertained while they develop critical thinking abilities. However, it must be noted that the white board was slightly challenging to hold and felt awkward to use at times. Despite this drawback, the educational value and entertainment provided by this product make it a worthwhile addition to any child's learning arsenal.
bought this for a 7-yr old boy. He's struggling with handwriting. This is a great board for him because he can practice without us going through gobs of lined paper.

The kit includes handwriting pages for the entire alphabet, plus a bunch of "worksheet" style games and puzzles. I was surprised by how many sheets were included. The worksheets are definitely geared towards young kids. For example, in Word Find the same word appears multiple times, so it is pretty easy for the kid to be successful. I wonder how many times he will re-use a particular page, once he figures it out. But since there are so many to choose from, he doesn't have to repeat a page for quite a while.

The kit includes 4 markers (black, green, blue, red) and a large eraser that's easy for small hands to use. The markers are average quality, but they work just fine. And they're easily replaceable when they eventually dry up.

I should highlight that this is made very well with quality materials that should last a long time. The plastic parts (clear top for writing, black bottom for storage) are a much thicker/stronger plastic than I expected. They aren't going to crack through normal use. The worksheets are on heavier stock than normal paper too and should stay nice even with a lot of use.

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