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Story about


Our Guiding Vision

It's very simple
Making learning an accessible and engaging journey. Guided by our commitment to safe, valuable, and sustainable learning, we strive to provide the highest quality learning tools and materials, carefully selected to engage and educate.
We are committed to education
A philosophy that emphasizes individuality, encourages independent learning, and values a personalized approach. HandMoto fits seamlessly into this narrative - our products give parents and educators individual control.
We are proud of the fact that
We provide an enriching, engaging, and eco-friendly way for children to explore the world of knowledge, bringing the essence of our values — sustainability, creativity, fun, and the joy of learning — to life.

Who we are

This is the story of how HandMoto was born
As a father and entrepreneur,

I faced a common challenge:
HandMoto™ is a product developed by our family to address a new challenge facing our young children- electronic addiction. Our son was increasingly drawn to screens and showed little interest in traditional learning methods after receiving an electronic tablet at age 4. Concerned about his development, we embarked on a mission to create something that would engage him in a fun yet educational way. Thus, HandMoto was born.
Immense potential

of interactive learning
We created HandMoto to offer a screen-free alternative that would captivate our son’s imagination. Drawing inspiration from his interests, we carefully curated content packs focused on spelling, math, coloring, and puzzles initially, but now we continue to develop content that grows with your child across a wide array of subjects and expansion activity packs for the base four subjects. Initially providing samples to schools, friends, and family, we have refined the product to be engaging, robust, environmentally-friendly (no waste), and battery free.
Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and our mission has been applauded.
Innovating Education
Watching my son eagerly interact with HandMoto, I realized its potential to benefit other children facing similar challenges. With a commitment to quality and innovation, HandMoto proudly became a product design and manufactured in the USA using medical-grade materials and lab certification for child safety (e.g. non-toxic inks, oversize caps), delivering not just educational tools but cherished moments of bonding and growth for families worldwide.

Welcome to the HandMoto family! Please let us know if you are at all dissatisfied or have other feedback to help us improve.
It is not just a product — it's a solution born out of love, passion, and a desire to empower children to learn and thrive beyond the confines of screens.
Our strengths
HandMoto requires no power,
making it portable and versatile
The device can be completely
sanitized, ensuring hygiene and
safety in various settings
HandMoto's reusability supports
sustainability by reducing
waste and the need for
disposable materials
The product comes with everything
needed for use, enhancing
convenience and portability
Dynamic content
Perpetually changeable content
keeps users engaged
and learning

Securing Trust:
Certificates and Patents

Establishing Credibility in the Digital Age through Verifiable Guarantees
ASTM F963 Certification
USA Gold Standard Certification
U.S. Patent 9,779,639
U.S. Patent 9,809,050 
U.S. Patent 10,482,792 

Our journey

Here we found out
an idea
First HandMoto’s
Here we become
stronger and start selling
on Amazon
Our journey continues

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