The HandMoto Story

Our dream was to make a tool that bridged the tactile satisfaction of a traditional learning experience with the benefits of modern technology, all without the drawbacks of batteries and screen addiction.

HandMoto is our brainchild — an eco-friendly, interactive learning tool that weaves the charm of hands-on learning with the innovation of today.

Since its inception, HandMoto has grown from a promising concept to a beloved tool for countless families, helping young minds navigate the intriguing lanes of learning and creativity with ease and joy.

Our Guiding Vision

Our mission is simple — make learning an accessible, fun-filled journey.

Guided by our commitment to safe, valuable, and sustainable learning experiences, we strive to deliver the highest quality educational tools and materials thoughtfully curated for engagement and learning.

We align with educational philosophies that emphasize individuality, encourage self-paced learning, and value a personalized approach. HandMoto seamlessly fits into this narrative — our products empower parents and educators with customized control.

We’re proud to provide an enriching, engaging, and eco-friendly way for children to explore the world of knowledge, bringing the essence of our values — sustainability, creativity, fun, and the joy of learning — to life.

HandMoto Heroes

True Stories of Transformation

Hand-in-Hand with the Community

At HandMoto, we believe in the power of community and the profound impact it can have on shaping the minds of the young and old alike. That’s why we’re not just committed to creating superior learning tools; we’re passionate about fostering relationships within our community and joining forces with organizations that share our vision.

We’re immensely proud of our active involvement in numerous community events, where we’ve had the opportunity to introduce HandMoto to countless eager learners. From local schools to national education forums, our team continuously engages in events that put learning at the forefront.

And our community involvement continues beyond there. We are in the process of forging partnerships with nationally recognized learning-focused non-profits. With a shared commitment to innovative education, these collaborations promise to multiply the impact we can have on today’s learners.

HandMoto doesn’t just create products; we nurture connections, foster learning communities, and strive to make a difference in the world. As we continue to innovate and grow, our community remains at the heart of our mission – making learning a fun, engaging, and sustainable journey for everyone. Join us as we shape the future of learning, one HandMoto at a time.

Select a HandMoto Subject

Each HandMoto product includes the game-changing HandMoto Board, four dry-erase markers, one eraser, and one 10-page content packet of either: Spelling, Puzzles, Math, or Coloring.


Boosts spelling skills and literacy understanding



Encourages perseverance through challenging puzzle activities



Enhances mathematical skills in a fun and engaging way



Offers endless coloring possibilities with reusable templates