How To Teach Math To Kids: 4 Simple Tips To Get Started

math for kids

Giving Your Child the Building Blocks of Math  As a parent, you play a vital role in nurturing your child’s early math skills. But where do you start when it comes to teaching important math concepts? Many parents find math particularly tricky to introduce. The key is beginning simple. Focusing on foundational math skills with […]

The Gift of Tech-Free, Educational Toys: Child Benefits

tech free gifts for kids

Ah, the holiday season: wish lists are awash with the glow of the latest tech gadgets, each tablet and gaming console promising more hours of pixelated adventures. But what if this season, we took a step back and reimagined the way we give? What if the gifts we chose fostered real-world skills, cultivated curiosity, and […]

5 Reasons Why Developing Your Child’s Fine Motor Skills Is Important

Laying the Groundwork for Success: Developing Fine Motor Skills in Early Childhood We all want our children to grow up happy, healthy, and prepared to reach their full potential. As a parent, you have the special role of nurturing your child’s development during their critical early years. One area that deserves attention is fine motor […]

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Each HandMoto product includes the game-changing HandMoto Board, four dry-erase markers, one eraser, and one 10-page content packet of either: Spelling, Puzzles, Math, or Coloring.


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