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Each HandMoto product includes the game-changing Moto Board, four dry-erase markers, one eraser, and one 10-page content packet of either: Spelling, Math, Coloring, or Puzzles.

After purchase, register your HandMoto and receive ten free pages every month for three months, delivered to your email and ready to print.

Spelling HandMoto

The Write Tool for the Write Time

Discover spell-tacular adventures with HandMoto Spelling. Designed to stimulate young minds, it makes mastering letters and words an engaging experience. Enrich your child’s vocabulary, improve their spelling skills, and watch their confidence soar.

  • Boosts spelling skills and literacy understanding
  • Encourages word recognition and vocabulary building
  • Fosters consistent practice using a reusable surface
  • Promotes cognitive development and focus


Math HandMoto

Subtract Boredom, Multiply the Fun!

Meet HandMoto Math — an interactive tool that adds up to a winning learning experience. We’ve transformed numbers and equations into a quest of discovery, offering your child a path to conquer math challenges and celebrate their victories.

  • Enhances mathematical skills in a fun and engaging way
  • Encourages problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Builds foundational numeracy skills for preschool and early elementary children
  • Uses repetition to aid in concept retention and recall
  • Converts abstract mathematical concepts into tangible learning experiences


Coloring HandMoto

Hue-nique Experiences for Colorful Kids

Step into the vibrant world of HandMoto Coloring — a tool that brings the joy of colors to life. It’s more than a coloring aid; it’s a creative journey that boosts fine motor skills and lets imagination take center stage. Watch as each hue unlocks a new dimension of artistic expression.

  • Fosters artistic expression and creativity
  • Offers endless coloring possibilities with reusable templates
  • Encourages color recognition and coordination
  • Provides a fun, mess-free alternative to traditional coloring mediums
  • Develops patience and focus through intricate coloring tasks


Puzzles HandMoto

Piece Together Joyful Learning

Unlock your child’s problem-solving potential with HandMoto Puzzles. Every puzzle is an exciting challenge that sharpens cognitive skills and nurtures problem-solving abilities. It’s a path of discovery where every solved puzzle is a triumph for learning.

  • Strengthens problem-solving and critical-thinking skills
  • Encourages perseverance through challenging puzzle activities
  • Develops pattern recognition and logical reasoning abilities
  • Enables fun learning in a non-digital, screen-free environment
  • Promotes collaborative learning through multi-player puzzle games


HandMoto Monthly Subscription

Explore & Evolve Each Month

Choose our monthly subscription and enjoy fresh, expert-curated content that is updated every month. With this flexible plan, your child gets to explore a world of learning that evolves with them. Delivered directly to your email inbox in an easy-to-print pdf format!

$3.00 / month

HandMoto Annual Subscription

Save More on Uninterrupted Learning

Enjoy an unbeatable deal with our annual subscription! For the price of just ten months, get full, uninterrupted access to HandMoto’s learning materials for a whole year. It’s our way of supporting committed learners and their families.

$30.00 / year

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Embrace the exciting journey ahead, and let’s light the spark of learning together. With HandMoto, every child is on the path to success!

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